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PMO Consultant.Create, Lead, Operate and Handover PMOs.Devise and Implement Organization-wide Project Management frameworks.Pharmaceuticals, Med-Tech, Digital Technologies, and Energy Industries.Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)®.Author.-------------------------------------------------

Project Management Battlefield

BOOK I - Warrior's QuestDiscover what The Art of War
has to do with Project Management!
A dedicated book on the similarities between Sun Tzu's The Art of War and PMBOK®The Knowledge Areas and the Process GroupsThe Project Manager, the Projects and the BattlefieldsBook I of the trilogy, Warrior’s QuestAvailable on major online outlets
PM-101101 common sense Tips, Ideas and Concepts for
Project Managers
Handling Organizational PoliticsProject Initiation & Planning TipsHandling Project Closure the Right WayManaging the most dynamic phase – Project ExecutionAvailable on all major online outletsFew handful consistent actions are enough
to set you on a steady progress
A dedicated blog for
Project Management knowledge.
Sculpted with a mission to UNSPOOL the
complex threads of Project Management.
PM POKESSeriously Sarcastic and Simply Funny pokes
at the management of Project Managers
book of dry humournot a book of adviseIf humour is not your thing, please don’t buy it.
Many disciplines and subjects are subject to sarcasm for learning.

'The Notes' is now 'The Essentials'

About Me

With years of experience in the project management arena, I intend to bring a wealth of practical experience to my writing.

As the author of four books on project management and a trilogy, ‘Warriors Ouest’, inspired by ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu, I aim to share the insights gained over the years. As a seasoned PMO and a committed professional, I encourage critical thinking rather than prescribing one-size-fits-all solutions.

I hope to invite professionals to look at project management differently, urging them to adapt and innovate within their unique operational contexts. I want to contribute to the field by sharing thoughtful and deeply rooted content in real-world experience.

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